All about UK Driving License

Steps of Getting License in UK:

Here’s a breakdown of the points for your blog post, along with the relevant links from GOV.UK:

1. Check you’re allowed to drive

  • Most people can start learning to drive when they’re 17. This is the minimum age to hold a provisional license. There might be exceptions for those with disabilities.
  • Requirements for driving legally: You need to be physically fit, have appropriate eyesight, and hold a valid provisional or full driving license.

2. Get a provisional licence

3. Driving lessons and practice

  • The Highway Code: This contains all the rules of the road that every driver must know. Get familiar with it!
  • Taking driving lessons: It’s highly recommended to book practical lessons with a qualified driving instructor.
  • Find driving schools, lessons and instructors: Locate approved instructors in your area.
  • Practice vehicle safety questions: Get ready with the knowledge you’ll need for the theory test.

4. Prepare for your theory test

  • Theory test revision and practice: Study thoroughly for this important test.
  • Take a practice theory test: Get a feel for the format and questions before your real test.
  • Theory and hazard perception test app: Consider using this convenient learning tool.

5. Book and manage your theory test

6. Book and manage your driving test

  • Book your driving test: Schedule your practical driving test after passing your theory test.
  • What to take to your test: Know what documents are essential to bring.
  • Change/Check/Cancel your driving test appointment: Options to manage your testing date.

7. When you pass

  • Insurance: You cannot drive without valid insurance. Start exploring your options.
  • Pass Plus training courses: Consider these courses to further develop your driving skills.

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