5 Key Changes to UK Immigration Systems

Understand the impact of these changes on skilled workers, graduates, and care workers, and what they mean for businesses and individuals seeking immigration opportunities in the UK.

The UK government has announced five key changes to its immigration system, which will come into effect from Spring 2024. These changes are intended to reduce net migration and make the system fairer for UK citizens.

  1. Increase the minimum salary threshold for skilled worker visas from £26,200 to £38,700: The government says that this will help to ensure that only skilled workers who are genuinely needed by the UK economy are able to come to the country.
  • Ban health and care workers bringing family dependants to the UK: The government says that it is taking this step to ensure that the benefits of immigration are shared more widely across the UK.
  • End companies being able to pay workers 20% less than the going rate for jobs on a shortage occupation list: The government says that this will help to ensure that employers treat all workers fairly.
  • Raise the minimum income for family visas to £38,700, from £18,600: The government says that this will help to ensure that only those with secure incomes are able to support their dependents.
  • Review the Graduate visa route: The review will consider whether this route is effective in attracting and retaining high-skilled workers.
Key ChangeDescriptionImpact
Increase minimum salary for Skilled Worker visa to £38,700Aims to attract higher-skilled workers and reduce the number of low-paid migrantsAffects businesses and individuals seeking skilled workers
Remove 20% discount for skilled workers in shortage occupationsEliminates the incentive to hire foreign workers at lower wagesMay impact the recruitment and retention of care workers
Review and potentially abolish Graduate visaThis could affect international students seeking work opportunities after graduationEvaluate the effectiveness of the visa and consider its future
Prohibit care workers from sponsoring dependentsRestricts family reunification for care workersIncrease the minimum income requirement for family sponsorship
Increase the minimum income requirement for a family sponsorship visa to £38700Elevates the financial threshold for sponsoring family membersLimits the eligibility of individuals to bring dependents to the UK

These changes are likely to have a significant impact on people who are considering coming to the UK to work or study. It is important to check the latest immigration rules before making any plans.

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