Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

Goal/ObjectiveActions/StrategiesTimelineSuccess Criteria/Measurement
Improve quality of workProvide additional training and resources1 monthIncrease in quality scores by 10%
Increase productivitySet clear expectations and deadlines2 weeksCompletion of assigned tasks on time and increased output
Improve communicationSchedule regular check-ins and encourage open communicationOngoingReduction in miscommunication and conflicts
Address attendance issuesEstablish clear attendance policies and consequences1 weekReduction in unexcused absences
Develop new skillsEncourage participation in professional development opportunities6 monthsAcquisition of new skills and knowledge
Meet sales targetsProvide sales coaching and supportOngoingIncrease in sales revenue by 15%

Note: This is just an example and the specific goals, actions, timelines, and success criteria will depend on the individual situation and needs of the employee.

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