Who is Responsible for Performance Management

Performance management is the responsibility of everyone in the organization, including managers, supervisors, and employees. However, the line manager is a critical figure in the performance management process. While HR may provide support and guidance, the primary responsibility for managing performance falls on the manager or supervisor.

The manager is responsible for setting expectations, providing feedback, monitoring performance, evaluating performance, and identifying areas for improvement. It is important for the manager to have a good understanding of the employee’s role, responsibilities, and performance in order to provide effective feedback and coaching.

However, while the line manager plays a critical role in managing performance, it is not solely their responsibility. Performance management is a shared responsibility between managers, employees, and the HR department. The HR department typically provides guidance, tools, and support to help managers and employees effectively manage performance.

In addition, HR may be responsible for designing and implementing the performance management system, providing training and development opportunities for managers and employees, and ensuring that the system is fair, consistent, and aligned with the organization’s overall objectives.

Therefore, while the line manager is the primary responsible party for managing performance, it is important to recognize that effective performance management requires a collaborative effort between managers, employees, and the HR department.

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