Strategic Management as; an Art, Craft, or Science

Strategic management can be considered as a combination of art, craft, and science.

Art: Strategic management involves creativity and intuition, as well as an ability to make informed judgments about complex situations. Just as an artist must have a vision and the ability to bring that vision to life, a strategic manager must be able to identify opportunities and navigate challenges to achieve their organizational goals.

Craft: Strategic management requires a set of skills and techniques that can be honed and developed over time, similar to a craft. This includes the ability to analyze data and make informed decisions, to develop and execute effective plans, and to lead and motivate others.

Science: Finally, strategic management also involves a systematic and analytical approach to decision-making, much like a science. This involves the use of rigorous methods, such as SWOT analysis, to gather and analyze data, and to develop evidence-based strategies that will help organizations to achieve their goals.

In conclusion, strategic management is a complex and dynamic field that requires a blend of art, craft, and science to be practiced effectively.

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